This is an exciting part of the process. It also requires you to do a lot of planning and information gathering.

Now, you are on the road to finding your dream home. Here are a few useful tips for first-time home buyers.

Keep a record of the houses you have seen

One way of doing so is using a digital camera to take photos of each one of the homes you have seen. This allows you reference when you are in the final decision-making process of buying a home.

Keypoints of each home

You can also write down keypoints of each home that you have viewed. When house-hunting, you can easily lose track of everything you have seen and the process might seem somewhat confusing thereafter. Note the size, special features and other relevant points of each home you are interested in.


Take note of the surrounding of the house. Are you close enough to all amenities? Or is the home rather remote? You also need to ask yourself whether you could see yourself living there. It is important to take note of all and anything that could affect you, should you buy the home.

Narrow down your options

With the information listed above, you can now start your elimination process. When you have shortlisted the homes you are interested, request to view the homes a second time.

Make a choice

You should now have a fairly good idea of what home/homes you would like to apply for.

The next step is to find a lender that best suits your requirements.

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