Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of students that have the weight of student loan’s debt heavily resting on their weakening shoulders.

Students often aren’t the product of wealthy households and rely on loans to lead them on the straight and narrow to hopefully one day achieve their ultimate dream and career. Student loans are fantastic for those individuals when enrolling at a bright new college, fresh out of uniform from high school. The problem creeps in when the elusive time arrives where the loan needs to be repaid.

You have no money, no job, no interviews lined up and you’ve just graduated. Can you imagine the fear and anxiety that might come along with this scenario for a newbie in the real world? It’s downright awful and the only way to go about avoiding all the negative vibes that go along with this stress is to follow an easy guide that can keep you on your own two feet and settling that loan in no time.

Forget all the protesting and the societal angst that students and other institutional bodies are walking around with. Let’s stop imagining a world where everything is free and expected and realise that for that world to work, there is a multitude of things that would need to be in place. Let’s rather assume that when it comes to a loan, the chances are that you will need to repay it, with interest at some point in your life.

Repay your student loan debt in the following ways:

1. Work diligently

Wouldn’t that be an obvious task to be performing? Not always. There are countless students who enrol at a university and simply waft in and out of classes dazed and confused.  Working hard not only sets you up for your exams and results, it sets you up for habits in your future career. Create a sound work ethic from the outset, it will pay off – literally.

Paying off a loan requires as much diligence as your time in the books, so it’s certainly going to breed a favourable attitude for the period where you need to settle your debts.

2. Hone in on your entrepreneurship calling

If it’s running through your veins, it’s likely that it’s your calling. Don’t be afraid to render all your blood, sweat and tears to harnessing this skill and predetermined future. If you’re an employee at a firm, don’t get too caught up in the company norms by leaving your entrepreneurship at the door. Keep thinking outside the box and your career will flourish.

3. Pay your own salary

There is another option! Instead of having a boss, be the boss. No one has claimed that it will be easy, but it certainly is possible. If you make sure to nurture your education and have access to the internet, the world is your oyster and your personal success is just a few steps away.

Employment is a challenge in this country and that is why entrepreneurship is being cultivated amongst the youth from early on in their lives. Not only does it help individuals grow and earn their own salaries, but it also a major contributor to the betterment of our economy.

4. Don’t divert from your budget

When you have a debt to pay, the single best advice that you can follow is to stick to your budget stringently. It’s in place to ensure you can meet all your financial demands while knocking off amounts against your student loan. Do that, and you’ll have no problem getting your loan paid off in no time while avoiding any penalties at the same time.

5. Let your lifestyle favour your goals

What’s the first thing we’d love to do when we have a large sum of money that we’d like to settle? The answer is quite simply – settle it! How soon can it be done? As soon as you decide. We all have a number of items on our budget that probably are luxury expenses. Of course, we don’t want to put an end to the fun in our lives, but there are certainly ways that one can have fun on the cheap!

Consider your gym membership. You can’t exactly quit exercising and hope for the best, but you can cancel your R700 monthly membership and take to running or cycling outdoors. It costs you nothing (provided you have a bicycle and a pair of running shoes). Don’t go and fork out thousands for a bicycle purchase in lieu of your membership because you might just end up worse off!

If you are paying an exorbitant fee towards your DSTV, downgrade to a cheaper package for now and watch sport at one your mate’s houses. Eat in more, eat out less. Rent movies as opposed to going to the movies. There are ways and means in which you can up your instalment towards that student loan that will lead to a far shorter period of the proverbial cuffs around your legs.