Another huge debt accumulation is that of student loans.

Over four years of studying you will require a lot of funds to see that you make ends meet. More often than not, student loans are needed to ensure you have the finances available to you to succeed academically.

What makes student loans unique is that generally the interest amount is repayable during the duration of studies and once you have secured fulltime employment you will start repaying the actual loan amount.

Although, you might not have all that much funds available to you during you studies, there are ways you can aim to reduce the principle amount and save money.

Use extra money wisely

There are many ways that students are able to make extra money. Some opt for part time jobs whereas others capitalise on ventures such as second-hand and craft markets. Use the extra funds to pay towards you student loan. At the end, you will be benefiting greatly, financially.

Increase the interest amount paid monthly

Usually, student loan lenders request the smallest amount of interest to be paid while you are studying; you can use this to your advantage by increasing the amount when and if possible. By the time you start repaying your actual loan amount, you would have succeeded in lowering the amount that now needs to be repaid.

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