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About Angel Investment Network

Angel Investing is a platform that was created for launching small businesses and ideas that were struggling to find financing.

It all started with two friends who recognized the problem and then created a solution to that problem.

Creating a solution

Angel Investing is mainly an online platform that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to find business loans and investors for their businesses and connects investors with the next great idea.

Where can you find us?

We now have 30 branches in over 80 different countries. Right now we have over a million registered members and of that million we have over two hundred thousand investors and over a million entrepreneurs. So far we have already raised over R4 billion for startups in the UK and across the globe.

What Angel Investment Network can offer you

At Angel Investing we connect potential investors with new business entrepreneurs using the Angel Investing Network.

We invest smaller amounts of money and inject it in a high-risk business, with the hopes of gaining high returns. This is also done within a set period of time which is usually 5-10 years.

Entrepreneurial roots

So at Angel Investors, our roots are mainly entrepreneurial, so we are always on the lookout for new possibilities. About two years ago we launched two new platforms, SeedTribe and BrickTribe. Both focused on closing the gap between entrepreneurs and investors as well as developers and investors.

Our company mission

We thrive on helping entrepreneurs realise their dreams and ambitions. We want to see them connect with great investors that will help launch their businesses.

Angel Investment Network Business loans

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Benefits of Angel Investment Network

  • Start-up business loans
  • Connect with investors and get finance
  • Investment opportunities

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Get the funds you need through Angel Investment

Any new adventure can feel overwhelming and daunting at times, but with us at Angel Investors, we will leap with you.

We have all the information ready for you to make the best decision for your business needs and with all the online tools that are at your disposal, the only good thing that can happen is seeing your business grow and having your dream become a reality.

So what are the next steps?

  • Well, first you will register with us as either an investor or an entrepreneur.
  • You will then draw up a pitch and that you can do online using the tools we make available to you.
  • Once your pitch is approved, it will be put up on the site and potential investors or businesses can look through it. You have the added advantage of emailing your pitch as well as sending personalized messages to individuals.
  • If your pitch is liked by investors or businesses, you will then be connected and then have access to their contact details as well as setting up meetings and possibly close investments.
  • Investors transfer funds directly to you, so there is no commission fee from us and you can accept funds from your investors at any time and there is no limit to the number of funds that need to be raised.

As easy as pie

The loan application process is easy. Everything is done online. You fill out the form online, create your profile and allow the Angel Investor platform to do the rest. If you have any other questions you are always more than welcome to email us by filling out the form and we will definitely get back to you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2019

I was quite sceptical in the beginning as I had been turned down by many investors before. So when I filled out the online form and created my profile I didn’t think much would happen. But to my ...

Amanda P
— Luthando X —

April 2019

I had a great business idea, all I needed was a little bit more cash and I would be set. Then a friend mentioned Angel Investors. I was curious, so I had a look at it and it was exactly what I ne...

Sandy R
— Pretoria —

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