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Business Funding SA

Business Funding SA is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRCP5019

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About Business Funding SA

Business Funding SA is a South African owned and operated company that focuses on offering local businesses unique business funding options.

With strong and beneficial international relationships we are able to leverage expertise, innovation and best practices to bring you only the best.

Our founder and history

Business Funding SA's founder Hein Rautenbach has a strong insurance and finance background but, perhaps more importantly is able to create and maintain strong relationships with people from varying backgrounds. Business Funding SA operates with strong values and morals and strives to develop lasting relationships with all our clients.

What Business Funding SA can offer you

At Business Funding SA we offer short, medium and long term business funding options with flexible terms and repayment plans that match the income flow of the business.

Whether you're looking to import, fund a major project, buy assets or purchase a property we will offer you an ideal solution.

Real estate finance options

In addition to our fixed term short, medium and long term business loans we also offer residential property funding options. We can assist those who are having their properties auctioned off, from liquidation and can provide you with a personal loan in anticipation of a pension fund payout.

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In a Nutshell

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Quick and convenient business loans, apply online today

At Business Funding SA we do not offer business finance products that are set in stone.

Each business and each client that we work with has their own individual financial needs and we place a lot of emphasis on getting to know the client, the business and the financial needs and situation we're looking at.

Get in touch with us

You can get in touch with us through our website, by visiting us at our offices in the Galloway Square or by calling us. We will then discuss your needs and offer you a range of solutions that meet these needs. We will help you complete a loan application and will thereafter keep you informed throughout the process until you receive your cash loan.

Providing us with factual and real information

If you want your business loan application to be given any sense of consideration, you need to give us real information. This means all your documents about the financial status of your organization need to be supplied to us without any form of discrepancies.

Should we find that you have given us misleading information, we will not be able to carry on with the loan application. The client should always be truthful during the entire business loan application. This is the only way we will be able to help you. As much as we want to ensure that your organization does eventually get the credit that it needs, customers also need to meet us halfway.

A good financial year for your business will always work in your favour

Having a good financial year on your statements will increase the chances of getting a business loan. For us, this shows that your organization is performing quite well and you will afford to pay the credit plan you are applying for.

As long as we are able to see profits being generated on a frequent basis, we will be able to assist you to move your business forward.

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