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  • Business loans up to R1,500,000
  • Fast loan approval
  • Easy online application

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About Business Loans

We offer financing solutions for your business needs. If you are wanting to expand your business, or take on more staff. We are here to help you do that.

We offer simple, unsecured business loans to any South African business owner. We are the best choice for your business needs and wants.

Who qualifies for a business loan?

Like anything else in life, certain criteria need to be met. With us here at Business Loans, we try to make it as painless as possible. We help connect you with the necessary lenders and financiers that are out there. So that you can continue growing your dream of being a successful business owner.

What is needed?

You must have an existing business or company that has been running for over a year. Trading on the same premises with the same owner. Your rent/ bond must be up to date and you must be using credit cards, EFT/POS sales or constant cash flow through the bank. Unfortunately, start-up companies and businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy do not qualify.

What Business Loans can offer you

You can apply for as much as or as little as R 30 000 and a monthly turnover of 100%.

Applications can take as quick as 5 working days, provided you have submitted all the relevant information.

The repayment options

To minimize the pressure that comes with repayments, we have worked out payment options to suit your needs. Repayment time frame is usually over 6 months by debit order but some lenders will work according to what you bring in from month to month. Your business needs to have a clean credit record as well, however, assistance is granted in some cases if your profile is not all good. The lender will only require collateral if they consider the business to be high risk.

You won’t know unless you try

We believe in giving great service to clients at all times. We want to ensure that your experience with us is a lasting one. That is why we work according to what you need and what your business can turnover. It’s important to us that you do well.

Business Loans Business loans

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to R1,500,000

Benefits of Business Loans

  • Unsecured business loans
  • Apply for finance online

Business loans calculator


The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this Online loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Free service tailored made for you apply today at Business Loans

With Business loans, our services are free, until you are able to secure your loan.

Once that happens the lender then pays our fee. No fees are charged upfront.

We are quick and efficient

Private lenders are hungry for businesses like yours, that is why you need to work quickly to secure them. Unlike big corporations, they are real people that you deal with.

Remember to make sure that everything on your online loan application form is correct and filled out completely. Once you are on the system, we can track you and hurry the process along.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, start right now

Never let any opportunity pass you by. Especially when it comes to business. With Business loans, you have every opportunity to change your life. Start that process right now, don’t delay. Your dreams can soon become a reality if you just take the chance with us.

How does this process work?

Everything is done online, you will need to fill in the online application form and submit it along with all the required documents.

  • Such as 6-month bank statement
  • Your ID
  • Company registration documents
  • Costs and fees estimates
  • Copy of title deed or property lease.

Once all the paperwork is done and your loan is approved, you will receive confirmation within 3 working days. Once the agreement is then signed, the funds will be transferred into your account.

There is a once-off interest cost of 25% depending on which lender assists you. We will be in contact with you. You cannot communicate via email or telephone with us. But we will track the process and get in contact with you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

Securing a loan is not always easy, but I appreciated the service that I received from the Business loan platform. My business has since grown and I appointed new staff.

Zita K
— Cape Town —

May 2019

All I needed was to renovate my business. To give it a facelift. With this platform, I was able to come into contact with the right lenders and I got more than just a facelift but a whole new bus...

Elgin S
— Edenvale —

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