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About CapX

CapX is a specialist business finance provider that typically works with small to medium-sized businesses in South Africa.

We offer a range of business finance solutions that can be obtained quickly and without hesitation. This allows customers to act quickly when business opportunities arise and to make the most of their skills and knowledge.

We're experienced, reliable and FAST

CapX is passionate about business and strives to help our clients achieve their goals through innovative finance products that work hard for your business. Our staff are highly experienced professionals that will go out of their way to ensure you are served quickly and effectively whether you're a new customer or an existing one.

What CapX can offer you

We are specialists in business finance and offer invoice discounting and factoring finance that is quick, flexible, affordable and will serve your business well.

We also offer supply chain and property finance and are proud to be on your side - working with you all the way.

Business finance from CapX

In addition to the aforementioned business finance solutions CapX also offer business finance that is designed to give you access to quick cash to act on business opportunities as and when they arise. We understand that as an SME your business is always changing and evolving and the ability to react to these changes is paramount to your success.

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In a Nutshell

  •  Average processing time 8 weeks
  •  Online application
  •  In-store application

Flexible, simple and fast business finance with CapX

We pride ourselves in being able to respond and react quickly - so we will always aim to deliver your business finance solution before any deadline.

In order for us to process your request at the astonishing speeds, we've become so well known for we need a complete loan application and all supporting documents to be delivered to us quickly.

Our staff - here to hear you out

Our staff are experts in the field of high risk business finance and are able to assist you with speed, simplicity, professionalism and accuracy. We take into account your businesses individuality and look to meet your needs by providing you with a tailored solution. Unlike large corporates that see you as merely a number in a system - we are here to hear you out.

I meet the requirements but my business loan application was declined

There could be a number of reasons that resulted in us having to decline your business loan application. It is important that we mention the fact that meeting all credit requirements doesn’t automatically guarantee immediate credit approval. There are a number of factors that we have to take into account.

The most common reason that may result in your loan being declined is the fact that your credit profile isn’t in good standing. This means your business might not performing well financially. The last thing we want to do is give you a burden of credit that you won’t be able to pay off. We wouldn’t be doing any justice to the client if we did this.

We don’t want you to change your life due to a business loan you have with CapX, we want your new advance plan to transform your enterprise for the better and not for the worse. Let the business loan work for you and not the other way around.

What are the implications of not paying your business loan on time?

Failing to pay your business loan on time will automatically increase the credit charges on your business loan.

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