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Avios is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRCP7

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About Avios

Avios offers South Africans a credit card that offer Avios rewards that are practical and can actually be redeemed in a useful way - probably one of the many reasons we were voted to have the best rewards programme in the country.

Avios credit cards are issued by ABSA Bank and can be applied for in-branch.

Understanding the Avios currency

Avios is an internationally recognized currency that offer credit card holder rewards that can be redeemed for travel products and airline tickets both nationally and internationally. With Avios you get double points for any cash spent at select retailers and fuel stations. What's more is that Avios don't expire!

What Avios can offer you

Avois offer a unique credit card that rewards you for your everyday shopping and spending - including fuel which is typically not included in most rewards prrogrammes.

You can easily redeem Avios to buy plane tickets - either domestically or internationally or for purchasing a variety of travel products and services.

Go somewhere - you deserve it

At Avios we believe that everyone deserves the occasional holiday and strive to make it as easy and affordable for our loyal Avios card holders. The credit limit that you will be offered is dependent on your individual credit profile and you will automatically qualify for the standard Avios credit card benefits which include secondary cards, budget facilities, travel insurance and more.

Interest Rate

From 0 %

In a Nutshell

  •  Available cards
    • Avios Credit Card
  •  Rewards
    • Avios travel rewards programme
    • Avios rewards points
    • Double Avios for spending at BP and Pick 'n Pay
  •  Interest ranges Point of sale: 21% Cash and Fuel: 21% Budget: 21% Credit: 0.20%
  •  Interest-free purchase periods 55 days
  •  Average processing time 3 days
  •  Online application
  •  In-store application

A credit card is convenient and safer, speak to us about other benefits today

In order to qualify for an Avios credit card you will have to have a monthly income of R8,000 or more, be aged over 18, be an RSA citizen, permanent resident or work permit holder and be able to provide us with the necessary supporting documentation by fax, email or courier.

You may not be undergoing debt counselling or have a bad credit history.

Applying for an Avios Card at ABSA Bank

You can apply for an Avios credit card at any ABSA Bank nationwide. ABSA Bank will process all Avios credit card applications and will contact you to help you complete your loan application should you apply online through our website.

Loyalty points and rewards

We know that we have great service in 2014 we won the best loyalty points of the year. We know that we want our clients to feel that they care for the more you spend the more points you can earn. We have made going on vacation easy for you all you have to do is Spend on your credit card and start earning points those points can be used to get you to your vacation destination. You can even explore all the different options you can use your points to help you pay for your plane tickets and further you can also use it at certain places to get day passes. We would like for you to know that when you fill us at the BP you can get double points and shop at Pick N Pay will get you the double points to so have fun and spend today and earn at the same time.

Online banking made easy

Using our online banking option to keep tabs on your account and how much you have to spend to how much you have paid back. You can do that quite easily all you have to do is register online and follow the questions and complete. You can also speak to a consultant or email us if you would like.

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