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About BlueBean

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank and offer South Africans some of the most flexible, affordable and beneficial credit cards in the country.

Our credit card products are designed for South Africans to offer innovation, convenience, affordability and functionality. Our products are full of great features with competitive rates and minimal fees.

A reliable, transparent and authentic lender

We're a reliable, transparent and authentic lender that is registered with the National Credit Regulator and abides by the rules set out in the National Credit Act. With us you will always know what our products and services are going to cost as well as how we're going to conduct an affordability check and process your online loan application.

What BlueBean can offer you

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank that specializes in offering South Africans credit cards with a difference.

We're transparent about our qualifying criteria, about our rates and fees and offer a wealth of information regarding our products, debt and even debt counselling.

Features and benefits of our BlueBean cards

The Contactless feature of BlueBean's credit cards means you don’t have to swipe or hand your card to anyone to pay for products and services under R200. You also get free access to Standard Bank's self-service banking, secure interest shopping facilities, a personalized credit limit, travel insurance and free lost card protection among many other features.

BlueBean Credit cards

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Benefits of BlueBean

  • Credit Cards
  • Insuracnce
  • Travel Insuracnce

Get a BlueBean credit card today, simply apply online

In order to qualify for a BlueBean credit card you must be earning an income of R5,000 or more per month and be over the age of 18 but under 65.

If you have any missed payments or pending judgments on your credit profile you may be refused. We also cannot offer credit cards to people who are bankrupt or blacklisted.

Save time - apply online

You can apply for a credit card via our website which will save you time and get your application processed faster. You will need to first ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to apply for the particular product after which you can also review the features and benefits of the particular product in more detail.

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BlueBean is a trusted & reliable provider of credit cards

In our review, BlueBean adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with NCA regulations, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

BlueBean is a registered credit provider in South Africa: NCRCP15

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