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Kulula is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRCP20

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About Kulula

Providing domestic flights with professional, passion and a true African spirit we are one of South Africans most recognized and loved airliners.

We are loyal to our customer and like to reward the customers who have been and continue to be loyal to us and what better way to do that then to offer them a credit card that rewards them for their frequent flying?

Low-cost flights and lots of smiles

We're a privately owned domestic flight carrier that offers low-cost flights across the country. When you fly with Kulula.com you're in good hands and will reach your destination quickly, safely and happily. Our service agents, flight attendants and pilots are known for being the most efficient and professional teams in the industry - a well deserved reputation for an innovative local airline.

What Kulula can offer you

If you're a frequent passenger on Kulula.com jets - a Kulula credit card will let you earn Kulula Moolah for all your spending - so you can earn free flights and enjoy Visa Gold rewards.

These are rewards that are actually useful and can be used - and that's how we - your no-fuss airline intended it to be!

Get R1 Kulula moolah for every R1 spent on your Visa Gold 

You will get R1 Kulula Moolah for every R1 Spent on your Visa Gold - a real reward for real people! You can choose to wait until you’ve earned enough Kulula moolah for an entire flight or simply use what you’ve already accumulated to get a huge discount on your next flight.

Interest Rate

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In a Nutshell

  •  Available cards
    • Kulula Gold Visa
  •  Rewards
    • Kulula moolah
  •  Interest-free purchase periods 55 days
  •  Annual fee ranges R408,00 per month
  •  Average processing time 5 days
  •  Online application
  •  In-store application

We offer a variety of credit card options to suit your needs

In order to qualify for a Gold Visa Kulula credit card you must be 18 or older, earn a minimum of R6,700 per month and have a valid South African bank account and email address.

You will also have to provide us with your most recent payslips, 1 3 month bank statement, a South African ID and proof of address when applying.

Applying online for your card

Your Kulula credit card will offer you all the benefits and features that come with Visa Gold credit cards, Kulula moolah, free online banking, free global travel insurance as well as access to various card promotions and special offers. You can apply for a Kulula credit card online and our staff members will quickly process your online credit application and get you approved fast.

Finding ways to give you the best

What if you could get an extra 5 kgs of luggage on your flight and you wouldn’t have to pay for it. Now with using the Kuhula Moolah Card, you can do this. You get Benefits when owning the card such as 5% off on Flights and even earn back rand s to pay for your next flight. We make sure to give you the bonuses you need to enjoy your travel did you know that if you are part of the Discovery team you can earn 35% off your air tickets and With the Moolah added you will benefit greatly from This Credit card.

Chip and Pin

Once you have applied for your credit card and you have received it. You will have to go onto the site where you will apply for a Chip and Pin, Chip and Pin means that if you would like you will be able to purchase with your ID number and you don’t have to put your cards details in. Once you have gotten your pin you will add it in and follow the steps that will get you up and running with Chip and Pin

Applying online

If you would like to apply online all you have to be is 18 Year of age and also full time employed.  The recommended when you apply for a credit card that you would be able to pay it back.

Eligibility & Requirements

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