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Virgin Money

Virgin Money is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRCP7

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About Virgin Money

As a specialist credit card provider, we know exactly what our customers want and need and are able to provide products and services that directly meet their needs while offering them rewards and benefits that improve their lifestyles and surprise them in the best ways possible.

Our international reach and advanced card features

One of the reasons that we're such a popular credit card provider is because of our international reach which allows customers to enjoy some of the world's most advanced and reward filled packages.

Our interest rates are competitive and  we always go above and beyond for our valued customers.

What Virgin Money can offer you

Our credit cards can offer you a financial safety net that allows you to access money when it's needed the most while also allowing you to do your everyday shopping and get rewarded for it.

Whether your aim is to build credit or just earn rewards for the spending you'd be doing anyway our credit cards are ideal, convenient and affordable.

The Virgin Money credit card

With Virgin Money, you get to choose the look of your card based on personal preference. Our MasterCard credit card allows you to access exclusive Priceless Africa and Virgin Money offers and deals. You can also access fabulous vouchers and deal from top retailers including Woolworths.

Interest Rate

From 0 %

In a Nutshell

  •  Available cards
    • Virgin MaterCard
  •  Rewards
    • Exclusive Virgin Money Rewards
    • Vouchers from top retailers
    • Priceless Africa offers
    • Basic travel insurance
  •  Interest ranges 2.5% per annum
  •  Interest-free purchase periods 55 days interest free purchases
  •  Average processing time 1 week
  •  Online application
  •  In-store application

Credit cards are not only convenient, but a safer method of handling cash

In order to qualify for a Virgin Money credit card you must be over 18, earn R5,000 or more per month, be a South African citizen or permanent resident and have an active South African bank account.

You can view a full range of credit card details including pricing, interest, benefits and rewards as well as a range of tips on how to make the most of your Virgin Money credit card.

Apply online - quickly and easily

Once you're sure that you meet the criteria for a Virgin Money credit card you can then proceed to begin your online loan application.

This application will take you about 20 minutes and you must first confirm that you are not bankrupt or under debt counselling and confirm that you can provide us with your financial details including our monthly income and expense information as well as provide us with your bank account details.

Our credit card rewards you

How you may ask yourself well it's quite unique in the sense that you spend money you gain money and rewards. You can get big deals on airfare and Spas if you just use your credit card. To have a spa day at half the price and fly in first class now that is something to experience and we want to give that to you with the rewards that you can get.

You can apply online

We will ask you to fill in the enquiry below and then one of our brokers from the call centre will contact you to help you further with your loan application. Quick and easy and you will know if you qualify for a  credit card we will base the amount on the credit card by the amount of credit score you have.

Using Spot

We have tried to find a way to help convince our customers that is why we have created Spot. With spot, you don’t need to take your card out and pay all you have to do is download the application to your phone and find the stores that you can use spot top pay with. Once you have decided to pay with spot all you will have to do is make sure that your Paying Scare and QR Code are validated shopping  made simple and easy for you.

Eligibility & Requirements

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