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About Debt Therapy

Recovering from debt is no easy task and, if left unchecked, can result in a lot of unneeded stress and worry.

That is why we have the tools and expertise to assist you in making a full recovery from your debt before it becomes too bad.

The Debt Therapy promise

At Debt Therapy we value integrity and transparency above all else. This means that we will always be completely honest and upfront with you about your loan and situation. We want nothing more than to help South Africans to succeed. When the National Credit Act was implemented in 2007, Debt Therapy was the first finance company to start offering debt counselling services. This means that we have the experience to assist you and find an applicable solution. When you work with us you will not deal with a call centre agent; you will receive your very own personal advisor.

Why we should be at the top of your list

For the last three years, Debt Therapy has been ranked in the top five for our debt counselling services. We offer free advice and consultations – the last thing you need right now is more fees to add to your debt list. The process is also quick and convenient as it can all be completed online or telephonically. You can rely on us to keep all your personal information confidential – as we said before; we value integrity above all else. If you needed any more convincing, you could always view our client reviews and see what they have to say.

What Debt Therapy can offer you

If you act now we guarantee that we can reduce your monthly repayments on your current debts without having to take out a loan.

However, our debt consolidation loans are among our most popular debt recovery products.

How a debt consolidation loan can help

Many people think that debt consolidation will make your current debt situation worse – however, this is not the case. Debt consolidation takes all your current small debts and repays them. The client is then left with repaying one large loan instead of multiple small ones. When many debts all accumulate interest and charges, they turn into large total repayments. However, a debt consolidation loan often has a smaller rate too which means that you will be saving money in the long run. If you are still sceptical just give us a call and we will explain how we can help you.

Is it necessary to apply for a joint loan?

While joint loans are not always required there are some instances where you might be forced to take out a joint loan. One of such cases is if you are married in community of property. This means that you and your spouse legally share all assets and debts alike. Therefore, by law, both you and your spouse will have to go under debt review. But do not allow this to make you feel uncomfortable – your debt is still assessed as a single debt and will not result in a higher rate.

Debt Therapy Debt consolidation loans

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Benefits of Debt Therapy

  • Financial advice
  • Debt counselling
  • Debt review

Debt Therapy is here to help guarantee a full debt recovery

Thanks to modern technology, applying for a loan has become a lot easier. We have adapted and made the move with time to ensure that our clients can apply for our online loans.

This will save you a great deal of time and you will also not have to make any unnecessary trips to the bank.

Apply for a debt consolidation loan online

As long as you have a device that can connect to the Internet, like a laptop, tablet or Smartphone, you can complete our application online. The best part is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Once your application has been assessed, one of our consultants will contact you and speak about your options.

What are the requirements of your loans?

Debt Therapy understands that many lenders turn those with poor credit away but we are not the same in this regard. We understand that you need help and we are willing to give it to you. Just complete our application – regardless of your credit situation.

Does it make a difference if I am a homeowner or not?

Even if you are not a homeowner you can still apply for one of our loans. We offer both secured and unsecured debt consolidation options. However, when you are under debt review, your home will remain safe anyway so there is no need to be concerned.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

It is very refreshing to find a debt solutions company with such a positive outlook. When I first applied I was feeling bleak but Debt Therapy has helped me to make a full recovery.

Lilitha N
— Swellendam —

October 2019

Even though I am not a homeowner Debt Therapy has given me an opportunity to fix my debt situation. Not many lenders are willing to do this.

Ayanda K
— Hopefield —

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