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About Logical Debt Solutions

Before you can enter into debt recovery you first need to admit that you have a problem. Once you have acknowledged this we can help you to establish a way forward.

We have a variety of different financial products that can help you and we will find the one that works the best.

About our debt relief services

Logical Debt Solutions is dedicated to providing South Africans who are struggling with debt with an ideal solution in order to make a full recovery. Our owner has more than six years of experience in the debt counselling field which means that you are in safe and capable hands. We have managed to assist thousands of South Africans to achieve their financial goals and you are going to be the next one. With a large number of trusted credit providers on our list, we will be able to find a debt solution with no problem.

What we value above all else

Our overall vision at Logical Debt Solutions is to provide over-indebted South Africans with a way to recover from debt. But we will not do this by ignoring key values. We value the quality of work, integrity, and honesty above all else. We will not lie to you ever and will always be open with you about our plan of action. Our team works with a committed attitude to ensure that you get the best solution possible. We operate with full confidentiality so you can ensure that no one will hear about your situation. You can depend on us and trust us to help you out of the situation you find yourself in.

What Logical Debt Solutions can offer you

Our staff works hard to give you the best service that we can offer. This means that we will always try our best to find the best-fitting deal.

They are well-trained in all our debt solution packages and can provide sound advice for your financial circumstances.

Do not hesitate to consolidate

Logical Debt Solutions is able to reduce your debts into a single affordable repayment loan. Whether you are indebted, have a bad credit record, or have been blacklisted we can still assist you. Debt consolidation repays all of your current debts by paying them off. The client now only has to repay a single amount instead of multiple repayments for various debts. This way you can save money and put it towards something that you enjoy.

Debt counselling and how it can help you

The goal of our debt counselling unit is to help South Africans by ensuring better financial well-being. With the use of a debt consolidation loan, we are able to reduce monthly instalments and create greater cash flow. With more cash flow you will begin to feel greater financial relief and have some room to breathe. We can even arrange lower rates with your creditor to pride even more breathing room. When you agree to debt counselling, creditors are unable to repossess your assets.

Logical Debt Solutions Debt consolidation loans

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans

Benefits of Logical Debt Solutions

  • Affordable debt consolidation
  • Reduce your debts into one

Make a step in the right direction with Logical Debt Solutions

Our dedicated team of financial advisors work hard to develop a unique plan of action for each customer that crosses our path.

In doing so, you will learn better money management so that you do not need to worry about debt issues in the future.

It all starts with a single application

After completing the online application form one of our consultants will get in touch with you to start negotiating a plan forward. Once they have collected all the information they need, they can begin planning your new financial management plan.

The steps involved from there

When you want to make use of our services you will need to go through the following process:

  1. Complete the application: make sure to attach a copy of your ID
  2. Assessment: one of our counsellors will make the assessment
  3. Notification: from here the credit providers will be notified
  4. Agreement: creditors will submit agreement documentation
  5. Repayment plan: a repayment plan will be drafted
  6. Enforcement: the repayment plan will be presented to the court and passed

Our online debt calculator

You can take your debt management into your own hands by using our online debt calculator. All you need to do is input the expense amounts and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate your monthly net and determine if you will fall short or not.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

I found the online calculator Logical Debt Solutions provides very helpful. I still use it for my month-to-month budgeting now.

Brent R
— Nelspruit —

September 2019

Getting your debt under control just became a lot easier. Thank you Logical Debt Solutions!

Bulelwa S
— Emalahleni —

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