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About Consumer Debt Help

Debt is a normal part of life and, unfortunately, it cannot be done without. Debt is needed to create a credit history to enable you to make the larger purchases you cannot afford with cash.

However, the problem arises when you are unable to afford the amount of debt you have created, and this is where Consumer Debt Help takes the wheel.

Our journey to where we are now

There are approximately nine million South Africans labouring under debt throughout the country, so you do not need to feel ashamed if you are struggling to make repayments. Multiple debts are easy to accumulate but more difficult to get rid of. But, the expert financial counsellors at Consumer Debt Help are here to help you escape the debt trap and pave the way for a successful financial future.

With the assistance of our debt counselling services, we aim to assist our clients to become debt-free and financially empowered. With the assistance of one of our loan products, we will be able to get you back on your feet in no time.

Our vision and goals

The team at Consumer Debt Help aims to assist fellow South Africans on their journey to becoming debt-free by offering the following:

  • Free financial assessments and advice
  • Interest rate and repayment reductions
  • Multiple debt elimination
  • Fee and charges removal
  • Repayment period extension

What Consumer Debt Help can offer you

We have a number of tools and techniques that we introduce in our debt counselling process.

The use of these facets is to eliminate debt or to make the debt more manageable for the client.

Debt counselling and how it can help

When the bills are piling too high and you feel as though you have nowhere else to turn, then debt counselling is the solution. Being placed under debt review does not have to be thought of as giving up; instead, you are taking a brave and wise decision to regain control of your finances.

The debt consolidation method

An expert debt counsellor will determine how much you are able to afford from the number of current expenses you have. The counsellor will then recommend the consolidation of the debt and/or contact the creditors to arrange a lower rate, longer repayment period, and reduced monthly repayment amounts to alleviate the financial pressure.

The steps that we take to alleviate debt

The first step that our experts at Consumer Debt Help take care to assess your current financial situation by means of a free consultation. From here on, the counsellor can suggest a debt consolidation loan or debt review depending on the current income and expenses of the client. Once a debt management plan is in place, and all creditors have been contacted to make alternate loan arrangements via various adjustments, the client will be able to move forward with their lives. During this time creditors will not be able to touch the client’s assets or blacklist the client.

Consumer Debt Help Debt counselling

  • Loan Type Debt counselling

Benefits of Consumer Debt Help

  • Lower interest rates
  • Reduced monthly payments
  • Free financial assessment

Debt Counselling can help you overcome debt and become debt-free

Before you are able to become debt-free or get placed under debt review you need to make the first move toward a brighter future.

And this all starts by completing a simple application. And this is how it works:

Our application requirements

As a debt counselling company, our requirements are not as strict as those of financial institutions, but we do have a few conditions in place to protect the client. Our requirements are as follows; the client should be:

  • Over the age of eighteen
  • A South African citizen
  • Employed full-time with a continuous income
  • Be deemed as indebted

How you can go about applying

The application process is simple and fast and can be completed on our website. All you need to do is access the website via your personal computer, cellular phone, or Tablet and fill out our Consumer Debt Help free call back form. From here one of our helpful consultants will contact you.

The documentation you will need

When you complete this application form, these are the documents you need to ensure that you will attach:

  • South African Identification document
  • Three months’ bank statements
  • Latest income statements

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2019

Becoming debt-free has never been easier and stress-free! I will never forget the help that I received from Consumer Debt Help. Thank you so much!

Jenny F
— Port Elizabeth —

July 2019

I was so worried that I would never escape my debt, but Consumer Debt Help showed me how and I will never go down that path again.

Lungi B
— Mthatha —

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