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  • Free debt assessment
  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible repayments

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About Zero Debt

Freedom from unbearable debt is at your fingertips!

Get a free debt assessment from Zero Debt, and you could be well on your way to a financial lifestyle that won't stress you out.

Within five days of signing up for debt counselling, you will begin to reap the benefits of being legally protected from bloodthirsty credit providers.

Zero Debt have been offering debt counselling to over-indebted South Africans since they got their NCR accreditation in 2009. The reason 98% of their clients walk away satisfied, is because their process is simple, effective and personalised.

Is debt counselling by Zero Debt better than taking out a consolidation loan?

It depends on your financial circumstances. Debt consolidation loans have a time and place where they are the most effective tool you have at hand. Namely, when you have a decently high credit score and are in a position to pay it off as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this loan becomes more expensive than the problem it's supposed to be solving.

The beauty of debt counselling by Zero Debt is that it's not a loan and it affords you certain legal protections. Once you are receiving debt counselling, your credit providers can't contact you directly. This means an end to threatening phone calls. Your assets will be safe, and no court judgments can be brought against you.

What Zero Debt will do for you

Zero Debts experts will contact your creditors to let them know you're under debt counselling and off-limits. Significantly lower your debt repayments by negotiating the length of repayment terms and interest rates you're being charged.

They work out a payment schedule based on what you can afford to pay every month to clear your debt. Best of all, debt counselling doesn't leave a mark on your credit report.

What Zero Debt can offer you

With Zero Debt, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your debt counsellor has your best interests in mind.

Their entire process revolves around helping you find the best way to pay off your debts while leaving you enough room in the budget to afford your day to day expenses.

Dealing with shady lenders?

One of Zero Debt's first actions on your behalf will be to check your credit agreements and find out if you've fallen prey to an irresponsible lender.

Debt counselling is one of the protections put in place by the National Credit Act to safe-guard you from lenders who don't follow the rules.

What's this about a court order?

To cover the legal aspect of debt counselling, you need a court order stating that you are over-indebted and that Zero Debt has agreed to provide you with debt counselling. Don't worry though you won't have to apply for it in person.

Zero Debt chooses a trusted attorney to apply for it in your place.

Once you have signed on for debt counselling, this attorney will contact you to get any necessary documentation and handle it from there. The court order is sent to your credit providers as proof that you are legally protected.

Consider the following before choosing debt counselling as a solution:

  • It is a long term process that can last up to five years
  • While in the process of debt counselling you can't take out any new loans
  • Debt counselling won't include your phone contracts or medical accounts
  • Any legal action taken against you by credit providers before you signed on with Zero Debt won't be covered by their debt counselling

Zero Debt Debt counselling

  • Loan Type Debt counselling

Benefits of Zero Debt

  • Get lower interest rates
  • Pay a smaller monthly amount
  • We protect your assets from repossession
  • Free online debt assessment

Zero Debt takes the stress out of your monthly repayments

Get this show on the road by making use of Zero Debt's free online debt calculator.

Fill in your monthly income, deductions, expenses and debts. The calculator will process your information and suggest the best debt solution for your specific needs.

If you are over-indebted and would like to apply for debt counselling from Zero debt, simply fill out their call back form online. One of Zero Debt's professional debt counsellors will help you through the free no-obligation debt assessment.

To be eligible for Zero Debt's debt counselling program, you need to meet certain requirements.

  • You need to be gainfully employed
  • Your total debt must amount to more than R 50,000
  • Your debt must pose a serious risk to your financial health

The fees Zero Debt charges consist of two parts

The first part is the fee for their debt counselling service. According to the regulations of the National Credit Act, this fee is a percentage of your outstanding debt. Instead of a once-off fee Zero Debt will work the fees into your monthly payment.

The second part of the fee structure is to cover legal costs. This fee is also based on a percentage and distributed to the attorney by Zero Debt.

A bad credit score or blacklisting won't affect your application negatively. Zero Debt aims to help you avoid any more of the painful consequences of over-indebtedness.

Debt counselling is a long term process during which you have the breathing room to learn new effective ways of working with your finances. Zero Debt can help you end your debt nightmare with just one phone call.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2020

Zero Debt helped me get my finances in order. Every Zero Debt consultant that we dealt with was professional and compassionate.

Wesley G
— Cape Town —

July 2020

I sincerely recommend Zero Debt to anyone who finds themselves in financial dier straits.

Amy W
— Gauteng —

September 2020

A friend recommended Zero Debt to me when I hit bottom. Their debt counselling process helped me and taught me better ways to work with my finances.

Hayley D
— Northern Cape —

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