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About PicotiFin

PicotiFin was established in 2001 and is based in Alberton South Africa, we specialize in providing personal loans nationwide.

With PicotiFin you can now apply for a loan anywhere and anytime by simply logging in on our website and complete the online application form and in no time at all, we will find you the perfect solution.

PicotiFin the loan finding services you can trust

After we have received your application form, we will match it to the best loan for you. PicotiFin believes in giving people second chances. Hence, we have special loan solutions designed for people who are blacklisted or have a bad credit history. Apply for PicotiFin loan is completely free and you are not obligated to accept the loan.

Join PicotiFin and enjoy the added benefits

At PicotiFin we always strive to introduce new things that will have great benefits to our clients. We are currently able to help you convert your pre-paid cell phone contract into a contract-based service. Doing this will give you more freedom on your plan and a host of extra benefits. Due to our unique services, we have an excellent reputation for our products and services and a lot of happy clients.

What PicotiFin can offer you

PicotiFin affordable personal loans like no other.

At PicotiFin, we are the best easy and quick personal loan provider to everyone who needs extra cash boost or just encountered an emergency expense.

PicotiFin personal loan

We specialize in providing personal microfinance. Our products are easily accessible to all our clients because they are available online. All our loans are tailored to accommodate everyone’s financial status. Under our personal loan, there is a Payday loan and it is also easily accessible. With PicotiFin payday loan, you can borrow up to several thousand Rands if you meet the basic requirements.

Payday loans at PicotiFin

Due to inflation, people are struggling to go through the month with their salary. Hence, we have established a way of meeting them halfway. When you have been granted our PicotiFin payday loan, you are obliged to pay it on your next payday. We will withdraw the principal amount plus interest and fees from your bank account automatically.

PicotiFin Payday loans

  • Loan Type Payday loans

Benefits of PicotiFin

  • PAYDAY Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

Payday loans calculator


The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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What are you waiting for? Apply for a payday loan today

PicotiFin has a quick turnaround, when we approved your loan application, you can have your cash wired to your bank accounts timely.

Our repayment terms give our clients maximum flexibility to pay back the loan. And are accompanied by highly competitive interest rates.

Who can apply for PicotiFin loans

Every working individual can apply for PicotiFin loans including those who are blacklisted. However, blacklisted individuals are only considered for certain quick loans, not payday loans. Before we grant you a loan, we firstly check your affordability. You can apply for PicotiFin loan if you are:

  • Above 18 years
  • Permanently employed
  • South African citizen

Ways to apply for PicotiFin loans

PicotiFin loan application can be done online and the required documents can also be attached to your application. You can also apply via Fax and our consultant will get back to you with the feedback of your application.

PicotiFin loan terms

All our loans have unique terms. As our terms are drafted according to your financial status and the amount you borrowed. But the most important thing we advise all our clients is to respect their unique terms and pay their monthly instalments. Failing to do so, may lead to legal actions taken against you. We have reasonable terms, but you should never forget that the longer term will result in more interest payments and make the loan more expensive.

How to get hold of PicotiFin

You can get hold of PicotiFin by visiting our offices in Gauteng, we are open from Monday to Saturday. Or contact us through our website. You can even call us during working hours.

Borrow the amount you need easy and quick

PicotiFin is a responsible lender. All we want is to see our clients' financial stress-free. We do not want to see any of them in deep debts, but we offer loans to every person who needs it granted that you could afford the repayments.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

I am blacklisted but at PicotiFin, I received an amazing loan deal from Picotifin.

Zelda A
— Nelspruit —

November 2019

I visited PicotiFin offices, I was amazed by their hospitality

Modise Q
— Soweto —

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